The Books

My writing project(s) is/are confined to a single series of books under the main series title Generations. The series follows the bloodline of a gifted family who will change the course of history, with each book telling the tale of each succeeding generation.

The project is a trilogy of trilogies (9 books in total).
The first trilogy is called Dawn of the Eighth Sense and is a historical fantasy fiction set between 1835–1900 in the Middle East.

The following two series – Evolution of the Senses (contemporary fantasy) and  Sentinels of the Senses (science fiction) will be some time coming, but as a keen plotter, I have them already pegged out and in various stages of drafts.

The first book in the first series is Born from Mauritanian Sands and will be available on the 30th August 2018. Click the book link below to find out more.

Upcoming Releases

The release of the first book in the Generations series will be in August 2018.
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I was born in Melbourne Australia, to Scottish immigrant parents – growing up in the city’s outer east. Having spent considerable time living abroad in the U.S., Canada and Europe and travelling throughout the Middle East and Asia, I returned to my hometown where learning languages and writing have become my passions.

Alliance of Independent Authors /Alliance of Independent Authors /

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…near and dear to my heart, have the common theme of defending the rights and the plights of the oppressed and disadvantaged. I guess that is a by-product of growing up gay in an era of intolerance where oppression was never (for me at least) explicit but its presence was ubiquitously implicit. The ordeals faced by the people these organisations seek to protect are both implicit and explicit to which the only legitimate human response is to support them in whichever way possible.

Here are some links to the organisations I have found myself supporting in various ways. I would urge you to click the links below to learn of their great work:

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Incoherent Ramblings

A Licence to Write

In the heady era of political correctness, we are often left wondering ‘should I say that?‘ or ‘is it up to me to tell this story?‘ I have sat back and watched heated arguments of cultural appropriation and misrepresentation fire flaming arrows across the demarcation lines of territorial boundaries. The net effect of which, leaves …

When the protagonist won’t let you inside their head

Scene-by-scene we record the comings and goings of the imaginary friends stomping, scuttling and tip-toeing around inside our head. Whether you be a plotter and zeroing in on the scene for today’s attention, or Pantser and letting the mind wander and lead – we all take that journey inside our imagination and allow our fingers …

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